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5 Real life jet packs

Publicado em 7 de fev de 2018 850.555 visualizações

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5 Real life jet packs

Jet packs:
JetPack Aviation JB-9
Flyboard Air
Daedalus Flight Pack
Martin Jetpack
Jet Pack H202

Tropical Love (Original Mix) by Del
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Ashley HD
RS Components
Atlantic Flyboard
Flyboard® by ZR
JetPack Aviation

JSP Broadcast
Martin Aircraft
Gravity Industries

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  • Ken Karnes
    Ken Karnes 1 taon ang nakalipas That looks like a lot of fun. I like the Martin Jetpack.  I noticed that all the flyers were light and trim. I'd be too heavy. Great video, thank you.
  • WarblesOnALot
    WarblesOnALot 1 taon ang nakalipas G'day, Yay Team ! Sadly, they have no Glideslope at all whatsoever, and if only one Engine or Thruster fails then they become free-falling Catharine-Wheels. Therefore, thus, and because, most places it's only legal to fly them over Water, with a Life-Jacket..., in order to have some hope of surviving a crash. The old 1960's Jetpack was a bit different in that it had 1 Engine, a Catalytic Rocket, with 2 Exhaust Nozzles ; and as long as they were headed back towards the Landing by 15 Seconds after Takeoff then they were almost safe to fly over Land. Take it easy, ;-p Ciao !
  • Md Rana miah
    Md Rana miah 1 taon ang nakalipas WarblesOnALot