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Samsung Oculus + Phantom 4 Drone

Publicado em 18 de set de 2016 67.786 visualizações

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My buddy testing out the Samsung Oculus Gear VR with his DJI Phantom 4. After a little tweaking, the pair worked well together.

  • David Aman
    David Aman 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas Ha! Best damn video out there on VR/Phantom4. VR goggles on the way!
  • Antonello Mallao
    Antonello Mallao 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas hi the distance that comes with Litchis is the same of dji go? Thanks
  • Gold Fever NZ
    Gold Fever NZ 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas have to get one of these, would be great to check our gold claim
  • Grumpy Drone Man
    Grumpy Drone Man 1 taon ang nakalipas Honest question can I do that with the 3 standard and my Oculus Gear VR
  • KvProduction
    KvProduction 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas what software u used to make the dji image become VR image
  • Роман Жаховский
    Роман Жаховский 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas KvProduction Litchi app.
  • dus toin
    dus toin 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas I'm sure you have said before but what do you do (or did do if you are retired) for a living? Just out of curiosity.
  • Bearkat4160
    Bearkat4160 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas My real jobs are Internet Marketing and Videography...not retired yet.
  • Joo2oob
    Joo2oob 1 taon ang nakalipas That's some nice scenery/vista there buddy. Where at?
  • Destin Gardner
    Destin Gardner 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas I love you guys for this video I have this crappy Oculus gear sitting on my nightstand has been since I had my phone and then wondering what the f*** can I do with it thank you great video
  • Joel Housel
    Joel Housel 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas How did you modify the connector side of the gear vr for the phone to fit in backwards? Thanks
  • Drones View Photography
    Drones View Photography 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas brother adjust the setting on the app litchi in order to get the head movement . I had the same problem with only controlling gimbal but after going to settings I was able to control the craft by turning my head
  • Tiger Gray
    Tiger Gray 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas how did you make it a two screen on the phone?
  • Mark Lee
    Mark Lee 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas Why not use cheap $5-$10 3d goggles rather than sacrificing $60 Gear VR?
    REDxFROG 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas Because they can. Haven't you noticed the 2nd drone and amazing camera they are filming this with?
  • kenny nijns
    kenny nijns 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas that's  nice
  • AllSystemsGooTech Af
    AllSystemsGooTech Af 1 taon ang nakalipas Cant believe i didnt think of this! Thank for the idea now i can use my existing hardware
  • Pete Murray
    Pete Murray 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas (na-edit) hmm strange cos my galaxy gear has a mini USB on the side for data and phone charging.all u do is purchase an app so occulus program can be switched off allowing the use of a 3rd party app like litchi no need to cut a hole for cable now
  • André gs
    André gs 1 taon ang nakalipas which app is that ?
  • GTTV
    GTTV 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas how come my image is upside down?
  • Verlon Murray
    Verlon Murray 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas I have on samsung gear vr headset how you made a hole for the cord to go through
  • Dulang
    Dulang 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas (na-edit) dud under bottom right is a 5pin hole for your cable to plug no need for drilling a hole
  • Ethan G
    Ethan G 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas Can't charge phone while using Gear. His method does allow for constant charging. Also, it would stop the annoying Oculus/SamsungVR program from opening when you snap it in. The problem is that constant streaming while in VR mode AND charging can cause the phone to overheat.
  • Carlos Donizete Ferreira
    Carlos Donizete Ferreira 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas good night my friend, you stuck the Gear VR to connect the cable?
  • LukasGameplays
    LukasGameplays 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas top