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THE 6 BEST FPV GOGGLES for Drone Racing or Cinematography

Publicado em 24 de nov de 2016 69.611 visualizações

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B. breaks down the best FPV GOGGLES for Drone Racing or Cinematography

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6) Fat Shark - Teleporter V5
5) Quantum Cyclops
4) Fat Shark - Attitude V3
3) KumbaCam
2) Fat Shark - DOMINATOR HV3
1) Skyzone 02S V+3D FPV


Phantom 3 Professional- This is my baby. I've flown this drone more than any other drone and shot with it more. It's an amazing workhorse that defines dependability. Just make sure you get ND filters ( for your camera and you'll be flying like a pro in no time.

Estes Proto X Microdrone- This little fella right here is what started it all. My very first drone. SUPER difficult to fly, but that's the best way to get started. Make your mistakes here...and grow into a dope ass pilot. Nothing fancy about this drone, it flies and moves the way you tell it to. Learn to point the nose of the drone while you fly and you'll be heads and shoulders above the crowd.

Latrax Alias- This is the most fun I've had flying a drone. This thing is SICK. It's damn near indestructible and just fun! It does flips, has varying degrees of difficulty to fly, and is fast! I cant praise this one enough as a toy/learner drone. If you think the Proto X is childs play, this is your trainer drone. Either way, enjoy the flight. Make sure you grab a couple extra batteries too! ( (each battery only has a few minutes of flight time)

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  • Son Ero
    Son Ero 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas Dude is reviewing without even actually trying them out ....... Why do I need someone telling me from their laptop what I can research myself !
  • JustinHit
    JustinHit 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas So you dont own any of them?
  • Brian H Poor Boy Garage
    Brian H Poor Boy Garage 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the videos you make
  • J. F.
    J. F. 1 taon ang nakalipas You are highly misinformed, I cannot believe what I just watched. I am just looking to get in to the hobby, but can already see your misinformation and incompetence. You do not actually own any of the products, and you have not researched the specs carefully enough. For example, almost all mid to high priced googles have diversity receivers, whether built in or purchased separately. Furthermore, you fail to mention many of the capabilities of the fat sharks and do not evenly compare the specifications. Rather than putting the products head to head, you literally read the information pages. Do you think people need you to read the specs to them? LOL I think most people could obtain the information you gave them in half the time on their own. Anyway, enough hate, I just think maybe next time you should review something you have more experience and expertise in.
  • J. F.
    J. F. 1 taon ang nakalipas but you do have a youtube personality and could be good at youtube in general. For having no products, the review could have been a lot worse.
  • Alan Savage
    Alan Savage 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas (na-edit) Great video!! This will help me out in choosing the goggles to get since I'm just getting into drone racing. Just subscribed to this channel. Looking forward to more videos
    DRONER TECH 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas +Alan Savage Thanks, Alan!
  • Starcraft And Caffeine
    Starcraft And Caffeine 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas I once had the VR 007 and they are absolutely terrible. For 20 bucks more get the VR d2. They are much better.
  • Wales Zhou
    Wales Zhou 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas how to make a cheapest review? sit on a chair and some pictures from internet, pretend you have the product and talk~
  • Kirk Mayberry
    Kirk Mayberry 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas the dominators v3and the HD v3 are not on the same platform
  • brandon sullivan
    brandon sullivan 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas He doesn't know anything he's obviously reading off websites and a lot of info is wrong
  • The Lennipede
    The Lennipede 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas yea the dv3 is 800x480 and the hd3 is 800x600 the dv3 has a 32 degree fov and the hd3 has 42 degree fov [facepalm]
  • jussa101
    jussa101 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas Kirk Mayberry I don't think he knows what's going on in the hobby he just finds stuff then reports it, his stuff is outdated etc.
  • Kirk Mayberry
    Kirk Mayberry 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas and fat shark also have diversity modules
  • clinton linck
    clinton linck 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas I still use my predator v2 and they don't have IPD or upgradeable rx but they do 640 by 480.
  • BIG Bear
    BIG Bear 1 taon ang nakalipas How do I know about campituble with goggles
  • Paul Butchyk Propped Nut FPV
    Paul Butchyk Propped Nut FPV 1 taon ang nakalipas Couldn't agree with your countdown more. I Fly with the Skyzone V+. After my cheap Eachine goggle failed. I tried the Dom + goggles. Was not impressed at all. I am so hay with the Skyzones and would recommend them hands down.
    DRONER TECH 1 taon ang nakalipas Copy that,. Thanks, Paul!
  • David Wood
    David Wood 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas I'll take it you got paid for this youtube video !!!
  • Dallas B711
    Dallas B711 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas Uhmm Lots of poor info here, why don't you respond to Those comments? You are likeable, good delivery and you may build up a channel.. But if you blow it And Don't own up to it you will lose All credibility And subscribers. You are Doomed to Fail if you don't EARN Trust and Respect. BTW Real World Experience makes for a Review, this was light research Fluff.
  • Brad
    Brad 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas Poor info was likely implied by all he did was read from a spec sheet. You can have a top 10 list or top 5 list all day long but it doesn't amount to jack if you haven't actually tested the product yourself.
  • xcreeseseater38
    xcreeseseater38 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas what was the poor info?? I'm new and don't know a lot so i've been watching all the videos i can find before buying some headset
  • Milspecmachine
    Milspecmachine 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas What goggles would you recommend to use with a DJI Mavic Pro as well as a race style drone ? I would like to have the head tracking ability . I do not wear prescription glasses and I'm not overly concerned with price . Please let me know what you recommend I'm looking at getting into the race/trick drone hobby thank you
  • Greg Toews
    Greg Toews 1 taon ang nakalipas Dji re goggles
  • Edward sun
    Edward sun 1 taon ang nakalipas the thing with the mavic and a racing drone is that they operate on two different levels of radio waves. Most racing drones use 5.8 ghz ANALOG, to get longer range, and less interference. DJi products use WIFI signals, which is a DIGITAL protocol, meaning massive frame drops where there is interference, definitely not good for racing. Because of this there is no current goggle to my knowledge that can do BOTH analog AND digital protocols, as they require different frequencies AND different methods of transmitting video.
  • iHawkRedi Games
    iHawkRedi Games 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas Can you do a review on a goggle and connect it to a drone?
  • Hans
    Hans 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas You've got the personality to be a good youtube commentator. Hopefully soon you'll get enough subscribers so some retailers allow you to try some gear so you can give your own first impressions. Stay on it because this sport is about to blow up big.
    DRONER TECH 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas +Hans Arndt thanks, Hans. We're growing faster now. Thanks for your support.
  • Zelkien69 FPV
    Zelkien69 FPV 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas (na-edit) Initially I wanted to leave a comment that this video was a waste of my time. Just horrible. Instead I'm going to leave a little constructive criticism. #1 You don't have the forementioned products. Have you handled them? All your review is going by manufacturer specs and generalities. #2 You are so ill advised of the capabilities and overlapping features you really exacerbate how uninformed you are. Praise Sky Zones for HDMI and watching movies but make no mention of the Fatsharks? Fail. Group goggles together with different field of view and aspect ratio without explaining the cost difference? Fail. #3 Since you either haven't used or do not have available any of the headsets mentioned, you don't even break down the differences between single screen units and dioptic sets. Hope this helps.
  • Zviki
    Zviki 1 taon ang nakalipas Zelkien69 FPV Yep. All you said it's true. Watching this "review" is so weird... He is sitting behind empty desk with laptop and reading specs (probably on Gearbest or similar shop) and buyers comments. I'm asking myself if he even has a drone!
  • Boef Koef
    Boef Koef 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas Get the Eachine VR D2.5 now with 50% discount man: Definitely recommend them!
  • Michael Calma
    Michael Calma 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas wow, i honestly thought this was a clip that auto played from 2015 but it was posted NOV2016! This is a very sad Goggle comparison. My comment is not just an opinionated post. I would highly suggest who ever watches this to please go out and watch another clip. You will see that this guys comparison was made very poorly. He talks about how the SkyZones are the best but does not mention the diversity modules for the fatshark that are very powerful. If you want a point in the right direction to look into. Joshua Bardwell or UAVfutures.
  • SyFyBry
    SyFyBry 1 taon ang nakalipas Anyone tried the DJI ones?
  • noleftturnunstoned
    noleftturnunstoned 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas Any body have an opinion on using and FPV to OTG and just using your smart phone with a small VR headset? Seems this would work well considering none of these are able to transmit in full HD.
  • Lex Luthor
    Lex Luthor 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas I found this very informative.... even though you didnt handle them yourself, and try them yourself, i still found this video useful, and after speaking to people that have used the goggles mentioned here, you seem to have it spot on... thanks for a great video
    DRONER TECH 2 (na) taon ang nakalipas Thanks, Stuart. Appreciate the support!